taking back teaching

Mackenzie Thompson

Educator. Innovator. Believer.

Hi there! I am in my tenth year of teaching at the secondary level and believe me when I say, I am far from having anything figured out. Because of that, I created this blog to share my laughter, love and learning experiences I’ve had while in the classroom.

Teaching. is. hard. But you know what’s not? Loving kids.

When I’m not designing engaging lessons, I’m chasing my daughter around our family farm. As if my life isn’t crazy enough as a teacher, my husband and I decided to throw in horses, cows and chickens!

With a Master’s in Education, two teacher of the year nominations, several positions of leadership, and ten years of experience, I’m pretty sure I’m still “faking it until I make it.” So, join me while I smile through the tears, the laughter and the love of this thing we call education.

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